Monday, December 9, 2013

Busy, Snowy Weekend

Maybe I should really say "icy" weekend but it looks like snow!  We were iced in for 3 days - even church was cancelled.  It was fantastic!   Well, for me anyway.  I think for my Grandkids too!   It is not often here in Texas they get to go sledding and snow boarding.

This is 3 of them enjoying a day in the cold!   A bitter cold I might add.  Yes, I know, some of you say this is normal, but for NE Texas it is so NOT normal and these temperatures are NOT normal either.

Now for me, my hobbies are inside hobbies so it worked out great!  Unfortunately, one of my hobbies is gospel singing and this weather forced 3 of my quartet's inside performances to be cancelled/rescheduled.   Most we were able to reschedule, PTL!  So, this forced me to focus on my other hobby (no sad face from me).   This is what I was able to complete.   First, a T shirt quilt was quilted for my friend Peggy.

This is a large quilt for her grandson.   Please save your children/grandchildren's T shirts from their favorite activites.  You, too, can make this wonderful momento for them as they grow up.

Then I was also able to quilt Peggy's Santa Wall Hanging.  Isn't this cute?

This quilt was a fun one to quilt with my new quilt pattern called Tinsel    It is from Wildflower Quilting 
I was also able to grab a good photo of my quilt that I will list for sale on Etsy.
I hope your weekend was sew special too. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

My teal beauty!

I was able to finish the binding on my teal floral quilt.   This one is for sale.   The pictures taken today are not a good color representation due to the overcast/rainy day we have today.   I may try to retake the pictures before I list it on Etsy.  It measures 39"x48".

The true colors are better represented by this picture as I was quilting it.
I just LOVE these colors so much!   I think it will make a darling baby quilt or lap quilt, don't you?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another Quilt Finished

My friend, Peggy, brought a quilt to me that she made for her 50th (gasp! shh) Class Reunion!   It is a Texas-Western style quilt that I believe will be raffled off.   Here are some pictures.

I am not sure but I think the boot, horseshoe and hat are paper pieced and are SEW cute!  The bluebonnets are ruched, and the yellow rose and armadillo are needle turn applique.   She did a fabulous job on this quilt.  I used a meander star design to quilt it and it turned out great.   Best thing, Peggy LIKES it!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another Quilt Finished

Finished this quilt yesterday for Deena.   My husband and son are all over this quilt.   Just cracks me up!
Here are some closeups.

Deena used some fabric panels that are for making pillows and instead of cutting them up, just used the piece whole.   Who would have thought?  It turned out really pretty though.   I used a swirls and stars pattern to quilt it.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What a Busy Weekend

Yes, I know the weekend is almost over, and I am tired. . . . .but I am also so excited!  I spent most of yesterday morning with my NP Comforts groups gettting the 170 placemats rolled and tied with ribbon and a card for the Meals on Wheels recipients of my county, all ready for Christmas distribution.   It was a big effort made possible by the many volunteers in our group.   It was so worth it.  Then I came home and quilted this little beauty.

I love the colors in this lap quilt (or baby quilt).   The fabric was just sew pretty that I let it speak for itself.   I used my AccuQuilt GO Fabric Cutter and cut out the flowers for interest and raw edge appliqued them to the quilt corners.  Tonight, I attached the binding and will hand sew it down this week.  Then I will list this in my Etsy shop.
After that I began quilting Deena's quilt for her son.   Deena is my friend, Doris', neighbor who turns out hundreds of crumb catchers (adult bibs) for our NPC group each year.   She has never asked for anything except fabric donations.   I gave her a bunch of fabric from my shop that did not appeal to me, including panels, pillow panels, aprons, and vests.   She was floored to say the least.   I did not give it to her to make bibs but to do with as she wanted to.   I know she makes lots of things to put in a bazaar and thought she could maybe use the fabric.   Well, this quilt is one of the pillow panels I gave her.   She pieced it to make it bigger and this will be a quilt for her son for Christmas.  
I will take another picture of the whole thing when I am finished quilting it.   It's really quite pretty if you like western things.   
This week I will finish putting the binding on the teal quilt and on Doris' quilt.  Then I will quilt one for my friend at church and one for my neighbor.   That is all the quilting I will have time for before Christmas.   Whew!   Soon it will be Christmas Day!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Tablet

My friend, Marilyn is looking for a new tablet and asked me to look at the Kindle Fire HD 7" and the newest Kindle Fire HDX Tablet.   I am very impressed with this new tablet and the prices.   I am thinking these would make some fabulous Christmas gifts.   If you own one, I would love some feedback.
I hope your day is sew great!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cold and Flu Season

Yes, it happens to the best and strongest.   Especially colds.  Did I mention how much I dislike them?  Or the medicine that you have to take to "help" relieve the symptoms?  Well, I am so excited to share some of what I am learning about the natural way to stay healthy with Essential Oils.   If you've not heard about Essential Oils and their natural healing properties, please pop on over to facebook and look up Essential Oils with Nana or click here!   But for now, let me show you this little miracle.
This is a small sample of the Cough & Congestion Blend using Coconut Oil, Melaleuca and Eucalyptus Oils that can be found by clicking the links.  The recipe can be found on Nana's facebook page.  You really must try it!  You will be so glad you did.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Found - Lost Blocks

After a 3 day search, a night dreaming about them, I finally found my blocks!   I knew I had made these blocks but could not find where I put them.   I even finagled a piece of purple fabric from my friend Peggy, to use as a border for the quilt and then began to wonder, "did I dream I made the quilt?"   Nope, no dreaming here.   They are found and ready to be assembled.   You can find the tutorial for them here
They are call Coin quilt with Pizazz! by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.   I had a jelly roll just waiting to happen when I saw this tutorial.   I'll post more when I get the quilt put together.

After that I began my embroidery project of the week(s).   My BIL is part of a new men's barbershop chorus in Denver called the Colorado Chord Company and he asked if I would be willing to embroider some shirts for them.  They ordered the shirts, had them shipped directly to me and today was my day to start.
Should be about a week long project.
Tomorrow our temperature is to drop below freezing - quite a change from today's 72* gorgeous weather.  I will be covering my tomato and cucumber plants tomorrow.   They are full of tomatoes and new cukes.  Hopefully they will survive and continue to produce into December.  We'll see.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


My good friend and mentor, Doris, entered a quilt in the FBC Crowley Quilt Show this weekend.  She told me to enter a quilt too.   "What quilt?" I asked.  "All mine go out the door as soon as they are finished"  But then she reminded me of the disappearing 4 patch baby quilt I made and intended to sell on Etsy.   So, at her insistence, I entered the quilt.  When I went to the show yesterday afternoon I came upon my little quilt - with a ribbon hanging on it, no less.   I was shocked - in fact I am still in a state of shock.   Granted, it was 3rd place but, wow!  A ribbon!  
You know what the best part was?   The judge leaves a sheet inside the entry form with her critiques and praises.  I got 3 praises!   And 2 things to do better the next time.   I mean, there are lots of things to do better but she was kind and just marked 2.    Who knew you were supposed to stitch your binding mitered corners closed?   And that a straight seam should remain straight after quilting?   I mean, who knew?   LOL
It was quite an eye opening lesson.   I think I might try it again and take to heart her suggestions.  But for now, I am just sew thrilled and sitting on a cloud!  I don't think I will sell that little quilt after all.  It's going to have a special place on the wall - with ribbon attached!   A reminder that you're never too old to learn!

Fall Mug Rug Swap

I shared what I received in my swap from Shelly but never showed what I sent her.   These are my offerings.

 Shelly is a fan of the day of the dead theme.  So, besides this fall mug rug..

 I made her the sugar skull mug rug....
and matching pincushion, some fall ribbon and thread snippet basket....
They were so much fun to do.   All in all, it was a great swap and I hope I have a new quilty friend!

November Tea Cups and Swaps

I was able to complete my Tea Cups for this month and mailed them out yesterday!   I just love it when I am on the early side of a swap.   I think these are my second favorite cups I've made (this does not include those I have received - they are all just gorgeous!) because last month was definitely my favorite one.

Don't you agree this is pretty?   Now this month I went for the obvious.   The saying on the fabric is "pumpkins and spice and everything nice" - so fitting for November, I think.
Then I received my swap package from my newest swap partner, Shelly, through the Quilting Gallery.   This was my first time to participate in a swap there.  Shelly is an awesome swap partner.   It was for 2 fall themed mug rugs and she blew me away with her techniques and creativity.   Just look at these.

Because it was the month of October, Shelly thought outside the box and came up with the Ta-Ta's design. She used a special stitch on her machine to make the top of the bra look like lace.  Just incredible.  There was also the spool pincushion (which I collect tho she didn't know that) and a tea bag wallet.   Superly wonderful!   If you are reading this Shelly, thank you again!
I am sew impressed!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Quilting and more

Last weekend I had two very large quilts to quilt for some friends.  The first one is a block of the month pattern my good friend Doris made (and actually finished it - not like me where it is still sitting in the box!)  The colors are gorgeous and it finished out at 86"x98".

 I used an allover pattern called Tickle Two which sewed out sew nice!
The second quilt has 12 cross stitched pansy blocks that I had to quilt around rather than across.   My first attempt at custom quilting.  The colors on this one are so pretty too.

You can see the detail in the cross stitched block in this photo.  This quilt took me 10 hours to quilt. and measures 94"x110".   It fit on my king sized bed with room to spare!  I hope the new owner likes it too.
Next is a lime, blue and white quilt for a surprise Christmas gift.   I'll share pictures later.

More Fabric Boxes

Ok, I know this is crazy, but I LOVE those cute fabric boxes I posted about here.  I have decided to give some of these as gifts for Christmas to my NP Comforts group.  Even those who don't sew can use these for any small item that needs a place to go.
Tonight, I made these six.
All are made from 10" squares.   I just need to add the buttons to the flaps and then make 6 more!  Woohoo!

Hope your weekend will be sew wonderful.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting Caught Up

This week took off fast and furious! I knew I had a ton of things to get done but my hand was killing me. I have some arthritis in my thumb so when I do too much quilting or hand sewing, or even using the rotary cutter, my thumb gets inflamed and the pain begins. Still, there are deadlines, ya know? Sunday I have a baby shower to go to and so I had to finish this baby quilt - all done now except for sewing on the label. I must admit I sewed the binding on by machine, both sides, not something I usually do. I enjoy hand sewing the binding on but my hand would not allow it. I think it turned out really nice anyway.

Next I had to finish up my Tea Cup Blocks for a monthly swap I am in. I just love these teacups and have posted them before, but this month, and because fall is right here and now, I used this luscious fabric for the cups. Aren't they pretty?
Tomorrow brings me to a special birthday celebration for my Grandson, Riley, who turned 16 on the 18th and my Granddaughter, Macey, who will be 10 on Halloween. Macey had requested I make her a zipper bag so I made this one and plan to fill it full with little surprises meant just for her.

And that concludes this week of sewing. Well, not quite. I finished some coasters to send to my mom to crochet but I will post a picture of those when I get them back. My weekend will be full of sew much fun!