Monday, January 4, 2016

Baby Quilts

Just to prove I am not sitting around all day, here are the two baby quilts I made for our church babies. I'm a bit late in making them but since I couldn't sew/quilt for a few months, I have hit the ground running.  

I also made a girl quilt for my daughters niece but I need to get a picture.  I'll post that later.  
I saw a quilt on FB that a friend tagged me on by Karlee Porter.  It has inspired me.  I am going to try my hand at "graffiti quilting" on a quilt I will call PRAY.  My New Years resolution/goal is to incorporate prayer into my daily life.  I am inspired by the film War Room.  Wow!  What an incredible movie.   Anyway, as I journey thru my prayer life, the quilt will be my gift to me.  When it's finished, I will post it.  Hugs

More cards

You know this card making is as much fun as quilting and singing.  I had to mail six birthday cards for January and thought, why not make some to replace them.  Here are today's offerings.  Excuse the shadows from the sun through the window. 

These have a really nice background so I made two!   And next....

I guess that's all for now.  Hugs and Happy New Year.  Can't remember if I already said that.  It's hard gettin' old!

Still more cards

This new hobby is so satisfying.  I'm sharing some more so I will have a record to go back to. 
Well that's all for now.  Hugs