Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Zigzag Table Runner

A while ago I pieced some practice blocks to test out a new zigzag pattern I had found on the web called Super Zigzag.    My daughter, Lily, wanted to have a baby quilt made with a chevron design so I was trying different methods of making them.  This one was really easy except for the fact that it required setting triangles at the  end of each row.    My little practice piece has been sitting and today I quilted and bound it.   It has made a really cute table runner or dresser cloth.
 Here is a close up of the quilting.

Kind of cute don't you think?   My mom has claimed it!  YEA!   I love it when someone else loves what I make!

Monday, January 21, 2013

New floor and New Blocks

At 10am this morning, our new laminate flooring install began.   It took them till 1pm to remove the old carpeting, clean and ready the concrete for the new laminate.   Wow!   Who would have thought it would take 4 hours to do that?  I hope they finish before 6pm (I need to leave to go to chorus) because my bed and mattress are outside in the backyard.  
I will post a picture of the completed flooring tomorrow.

While they were removing the old stuff, I was able to complete my Cross My Heart blocks for a swap I am in.
Aren't they so pretty?   They will be going in the mail tomorrow!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Snowglobe Blocks

I am currently in a block swap on a wonderful group called SewGoodFriends on yahoo groups and we have several swaps going on, one of which is the snowglobe block from FatCat Patterns.   It is such a cute block.

This morning, at 4am, yep, couldn't sleep, I got up and got my blocks done and ready to mail today.  Here is what it looks like.
Yesterday's mail brought me Rosie's block below.   It is so cute!
There are nine different styles of snowglobes and the blocks are 6.5" unfinished.  These will make such a cute wallhanging!  
My quartet is off to the GMAA (gospel music artist association) this weekend where we have been nominated for group of the year.   What an honor, whether or not we win!   Hope you have blessed weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quilt Label

Yesterday, a good friend of mine called to see if I could embroider a quilt label for her for the Trinity Valley Quilters Guild donation quilt.   Heck, I've done hundreds of quilt labels so I said yes.   Well, this was like no other quilt label I'd ever done.

When we met up, she brought me an appliqued block to put the label on.   I got a little nervous about that because I would hate to ruin the lovely applique.  Usually I just embroider out a square, with or without a coordinating design, and all the quilt information.   She just looked at me and said "you can do it!"    This is the result and she was right, I could do it!

If the quilt is anything like this label, I sure hope they raise a lot of money with it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another NPC

This is another NPC quilt I finished (except for the binding) that Doris pieced.  I tried a hearts and loops pattern on it and I think it looks pretty good.
 This is a close up of the hearts and loops.

I read on another blog about zig zagging the outside edges to make it easier to attach the binding.   I did this but since I'm giving this to Doris to finish, I'll have to ask her if it helps.  It sure does make the edge look nice and neat.

I also cut out the pieces for a snowglobe block swap I am in.  I will post a picture as soon as I have one completed.  

Saturday, January 12, 2013

NPC Quilt and more

Another productive day!  After getting up way too early for a Saturday morning to go to my grandson's basketball game (he was awesome btw! -  he's 8) we came home and crashed!   Well, at least my daughter and hubby crashed.  I hit the studio running!  I had seen a really cute quilt block on Quiltsville Quips and Snips and just had to try it.  Of course, I made it wrong but I think if I stop and think it thru correctly, I will get it right next time.   It was a star block and I just go crazy for those.

Then we took my daughter and grandson out for a birthday lunch at BJ's Brewhouse.   It was so yummy!  On the way home I dropped off my hubby at my son's so they could watch the Broncos play (they are such die hard Bronco fans even though we now live in Texas and have for 25 years), and came home and hit the studio again.
First thing was to load and quilt another lap quilt for my church group, North Pointe Comforts.  We make these for the nursing homes and our supply is really low.   I have about three more to do to be caught up.

I ordered a book called doodle quilting which came yesterday and I had practiced drawing loops and tried it out on this quilt.   I really want to do more free motion quilting.  The stippling I can do pretty good.   My goal is feathers!

Then, just because, I made seven more key fobs.   They are so quick and easy and cute!
I hope you all have a blessed week! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Key Fobs

Another inspiration today.   Yesterday the postman delivered a package with some webbing 
I had ordered in it.   I decided to play for a few minutes.   The first one I made was a tad short/small

so I lengthened the fabric and webbing and made these
There are two lime green ones, one with webbing and one with twill tape.   The twill tape is, of course, much softer and bendable.   My daughter took that one.   I think I will ask a few others what their preference would be and go from there.  
Also, here is the first one I made ever and I like the hardware on the new ones better.  
I made this so I could find my keys in my purse and so many people asked me about it that I thought I would make some more.  
Yes,  I do drive a Honda!   

Hugs and Kisses

Woke up today around 5am with the picture of a hugs and kisses quilt in my head.   I have no idea why except maybe because I promised myself to start using my charm squares and strip sets.   Hmmmm.

Since sleep was eluding me, I got up and found two charm packs, each containing 15 pieces, and another charm pack that I pulled out 6 more.   I had already figured in my head that I would need 9 finished squares, each square using four charms and two 2.5" squares for the corners.   Pulled some ivory fabric out of the stash, cut 72 2.5" squares and marked them in half with one of those Pilot Fusion Pens.   I LOVE those things!  They mark the fabric so easily and then when you iron, the color just disappears!  LOVE it!

Anyway, I then spent an hour sewing each square to two opposite corners of the charms, pressing and trimming the corners.   Then I put them on a fake design wall (just a flannel backed tablecoth tacked up on my hallway wall) and arranged them.   I rolled up the tablecloth and brought it into my studio and layed it across my longarm.   Here is where the pictures begin.   duh..

 The top row shows how I pinned them on to move them into the studio and then I began sewing the rows together.
 Then I put them all together with some matching strips for the outside border and I think it makes a really cute little baby quilt!

What do you think?


Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Hello January!

A new year and new challenges for me!  I am so excited to be able to document my progress on this blog of what I accomplish all year long.    So, let's start!

Yes, it is only January 7th and I have already completed two blocks for the month.   The first is for the Craftsy BOM 2013 and I love it!

While trying to put my studio together after getting cabinets in there, I have found I have an abundance of black and white fabric (some black, white and a color) and I am going to make a bunch of quilts this year all featuring black, white and another color.   I am so excited because I love the stark contrast in a black and white combination quilt.   And....it will help me use up my stash! 

The other block is for a BOM at my local quilt shop, Country Stitches, and if you complete the block and bring it back to the next meeting, the next block is free.   First block was $7.50 and then the rest are free (because I will ALWAYS have mine done).   Not bad for an entire quilt.   I've also bought a few extra fat quarters of the fabrics to use when putting the quilt together, but that is not a requirement.
 Yesterday I pieced a baby quilt for my youngest daughter who is due in April.  We love the retro owls and chevron designs that are so popular right now but she wants the main color to be navy which is NOT so popular right now.  This is what we found so this is really a trial quilt to see if she can live with the cream background on the owls and the white and navy chevron.  
Then my husband said "oh my goodness that is to busy!  So I pinned the top and bottoms to remove the white inner borders and we will go from there.

The top I also pinned back one of the chevrons.   Wonder if she will like it?
I hope your week is a blessed as mine is already!   I've taken the challenge at church to read the bible through in one year.   My hubby and my son are taking the challenge with me.  So far, so blessed!