Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Hello January!

A new year and new challenges for me!  I am so excited to be able to document my progress on this blog of what I accomplish all year long.    So, let's start!

Yes, it is only January 7th and I have already completed two blocks for the month.   The first is for the Craftsy BOM 2013 and I love it!

While trying to put my studio together after getting cabinets in there, I have found I have an abundance of black and white fabric (some black, white and a color) and I am going to make a bunch of quilts this year all featuring black, white and another color.   I am so excited because I love the stark contrast in a black and white combination quilt. will help me use up my stash! 

The other block is for a BOM at my local quilt shop, Country Stitches, and if you complete the block and bring it back to the next meeting, the next block is free.   First block was $7.50 and then the rest are free (because I will ALWAYS have mine done).   Not bad for an entire quilt.   I've also bought a few extra fat quarters of the fabrics to use when putting the quilt together, but that is not a requirement.
 Yesterday I pieced a baby quilt for my youngest daughter who is due in April.  We love the retro owls and chevron designs that are so popular right now but she wants the main color to be navy which is NOT so popular right now.  This is what we found so this is really a trial quilt to see if she can live with the cream background on the owls and the white and navy chevron.  
Then my husband said "oh my goodness that is to busy!  So I pinned the top and bottoms to remove the white inner borders and we will go from there.

The top I also pinned back one of the chevrons.   Wonder if she will like it?
I hope your week is a blessed as mine is already!   I've taken the challenge at church to read the bible through in one year.   My hubby and my son are taking the challenge with me.  So far, so blessed!

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