Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Key Fobs

Another inspiration today.   Yesterday the postman delivered a package with some webbing 
I had ordered in it.   I decided to play for a few minutes.   The first one I made was a tad short/small

so I lengthened the fabric and webbing and made these
There are two lime green ones, one with webbing and one with twill tape.   The twill tape is, of course, much softer and bendable.   My daughter took that one.   I think I will ask a few others what their preference would be and go from there.  
Also, here is the first one I made ever and I like the hardware on the new ones better.  
I made this so I could find my keys in my purse and so many people asked me about it that I thought I would make some more.  
Yes,  I do drive a Honda!   

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