Sunday, August 30, 2015

Really? There is more?

Oh yes, let me tell you.   I got really sick in the end of June and could not stand for any length of time.   I am better, thanks.   Now,  I could sit and sew or make cards, so I pieced a new quilt top and a matching zippered bag. (and a few more as well!)

 and some of the cards.  

I was invited to a Stampin Up demonstration and got hooked!  BAD!   I love this new hobby!
Well, more after I corral my pictures into a manageable pile!
I hope the pictures inspire you in some way.
God Bless!

Ok, going on....

I quilted a lovely quilt for my friend Peggy.   This quilt was so pretty.   I tried to capture different parts of the quilt to show you.   Peggy, you did a fantastic job on this quilt.   Thanks for letting me quilt it!

I don't seem to have a picture of the entire quilt and that is such a bummer.   It was gorgeous.  Peggy also used a really pretty batik for the backing.   I tried a new quilting design called Smitten and it is now my new "favorite" quilting pattern!  LOL
I also quilted several others for peggy this summer that I forgot to take pictures of.   I know, I know, where is my head????

Summer is over!

Yes, kids are back in school and things should be settled down.   There is still one really big item to happen though.   My youngest daughter, Lily, is getting married on Sept 12th.   Wow!   What an exciting time it will be for our family!  I am so proud of her and my new son-in-law and thrilled for their son, Parker.   Things are going to be good.   God is good, all the time!

So, here are a few things that got done this summer.   Yesterday was Lily's friend Michelle, baby shower so we will start there.   Below are the quilt, front and back, embroidered flowers to hang on the wall and a zippered pouch to match.   She was thrilled.   I only hooped one flower in case she wanted to paint the hoops.
I quilted in  Piper's name in the peach top and bottom bar to make it uniquely hers.

And then the bag.
I also made her card.

This post could get really long so I'll stop and start a new one.    thanks for visiting!