Saturday, August 9, 2014

Life, clocks and quilts.....

I finally have my computer back and it seems to be running very nicely and all programs are getting along, yay!   Now it "should" be easier for me to post.    Time will tell.  LOL
This is the final Teacup Block I made for my swaps.   This was such a fun swap and I plan (hope) to put a quilt or two together with these cuties.

The next pictures are probably not going to be in any chronological order, just projects I've started and/or finished.
This is a baby clock I finished for my sister.   Her friend's daughter had a baby boy and I have made clocks for other babies in that family.   This is a different style clock than I am used to working with and I almost cut it out too small.   Glad I noticed it.    Then I made these two, Harper's is by special request, and Averie's is a surprise.

I've had some requests for special quilts too.   So many babies being born this year!  Wow. . .
The first one is a Winnie the Pooh quilt made for my daughter's friend in Arkansas.
The next one is for my daughter's nephew.
Front, back and a closeup of the baby jungle animals print.   It is so cute, don't you think?

Remember the triplet's quilts here?  There was another mother of a preemie at the hospital that requested
a quilt for her little one - a noah's ark theme.   This turned out really cute.
Then I saw the cutest embroidery designs and bought them immediately.   I have embroidered out about 10 of the designs but the first one is my favorite..
So much so that I had to put it into a small wall hanging for one of my friends.
Is that not just the most darling thing?   She loved it too!
This post is getting pretty long.   I better get back to work.   I hope to share more later!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Purses and more purses

Yes, these are more purses.   I can't seem to stop making them.   If you are a dog lover, this little cutie is for you.

I am definitely a dog lover so I created three of these.  Want one?  Let me know.   $15 each.

Here is the next one.  I found this cute fabric at Hobby Lobby in  a fat quarter pack.   This screams my DIL's name so to her it will go this Christmas.

This next one is available if you are interested.

Want something a little more feminine?   How about this cute floral print?

And because this fabric was just too cute for the babies, I created this one for the music lover!

All purses are $15.   Let me know if you want one.  Also, if you have a request, let me know and I will see what I can do.    hugs

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's All About the Quilts

Did I ever mention that I have a lot of strip sets?   Jelly rolls?   Whatever name they go by, I have em.   And alot of them.   Last time I counted, and that was months ago, I had 189 sets/rolls.   Yes, it is an addiction.  So I've decided to try to reduce the number and get some quilts made from these for the nursing homes.  I'm going to do at least one a month.   The above picture is the one I made for the month of April.   And it is quilted and bound and ready to go.

Next I quilted a top for my friend Peggy.   She is not allowing herself to buy any fabric, but to only use what she has on hand.   This quilt is really pretty, don't you think?   All from scraps.

My daughter has a friend who is expecting triplets.  She was told there were two girls and a boy and she wanted to go with a rock and roll theme.   I went on line and found the cutest fabric here.  It came in both blue and pink so I placed my order.  The very next day Brooke called my daughter and said, "wait - they found it's two girls and one boy!"  Wow, I called equilter and they had not yet shipped my order so I was able to get it changed.   These are the quilts we gave to her.

I embroidered their initials into the corner squares.  You know, they must know which one is for which one!
The next photos, show the backs of the quilts.

 I pieced in strips of the colors on the front.   They turned out really cute and Brooke loves them.

Ok, that's it for now.   Off to quilt some more!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

More projects and pictures

I'm now on to the next projects completed.   I do LOVE making these little purses!

This one I made for a friend of mine.  She loves green and I was playing around with some strips of fabric I had saved and came up with this.   Cute, huh?  I'm not sure I like the shape so I've since, altered the pattern a bit.

I also got to quilt a top for a friend of mine.   She did a great job piecing this beauty.   And the colors are just gorgeous!

My youngest grandson was baptized and this is a picture of the family.
The next one has my mom and my sister in it.  Wow, four generations!
There is more to come later!

Ages and ages!

I have no real excuse for not posting except a lack of time.   My "free" time has been spent trying to complete projects, which I have been doing.   I'm going to post some now, hopefully the older ones first and then try to post again tomorrow with some new pictures/projects!

Here we go......

My sister called and said "you know, little purses are a big seller on etsy right now.  Why don't you make some?"   So, blue being my favorite color, became this little gem.   It is available for $15.  Just let me know.

While I work away in my studio, my girls wait patiently outside the gate!
Next up was a baby quilt for a couple at church, good friends with my youngest daughter.   The colors they choose ended up perfectly in this panel I had and I love how it turned out.

And lastly, my mom crocheted these embroidered coasters I made.   They are also available for $10.

I have a bunch more to share later.   Thanks for stopping by.