Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ages and ages!

I have no real excuse for not posting except a lack of time.   My "free" time has been spent trying to complete projects, which I have been doing.   I'm going to post some now, hopefully the older ones first and then try to post again tomorrow with some new pictures/projects!

Here we go......

My sister called and said "you know, little purses are a big seller on etsy right now.  Why don't you make some?"   So, blue being my favorite color, became this little gem.   It is available for $15.  Just let me know.

While I work away in my studio, my girls wait patiently outside the gate!
Next up was a baby quilt for a couple at church, good friends with my youngest daughter.   The colors they choose ended up perfectly in this panel I had and I love how it turned out.

And lastly, my mom crocheted these embroidered coasters I made.   They are also available for $10.

I have a bunch more to share later.   Thanks for stopping by.

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