Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Gail's Quilt

Just before I found out about Jennifer and her cancer, I began a quilt for her oldest sister, Gail Ann.  Gail was diagnosed a few years ago with MS.   The disease has progressed quickly forcing Gail to retire and change her and her husbands life.   Kevin, her husband, retired at the end of last year.   They have been avid travelers, mostly by truck and camper and then truck and camper/trailer.  Gail's inability to safely walk has not slowed down their travels one bit.   She and Kevin continue to travel extensively.

They live in such a warm (not) climate, Gunnison CO, that I thought it might be a nice gift to make a quilt Gail could wrap around her in the wheelchair or when she sits on the couch.   When I found the fabrics (all from my stash!) they just seemed to call out her name.  Her is the quilt I made for her.

On the back I used a fleece blanket for added warmth.  The quilting, which was called water lilies, shows up very well in the next pics.

I had a couple extra blocks left over and so I made her a zipper bag to keep special things close to her.

I know that she is enjoying using these items!  Love you bunches Gail Ann!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Jennifer's Quilt

When I found out my SIL, Jennifer, was diagnosed with multiple types of cancer, I immediately began making a quilt for her.   I had this gorgeous floral fabric I hated to cut and I love to do the braid technique so this is what I came up with. 

 She begins her chemo today.   I hope this quilt will keep her warm and wrapped in love.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Happy 2020 (a bit late)

It is March already!  I can hardly believe it! 
And its not that I haven't been busy, cause I sure have.  But..... well time just fights with me getting on the computer.   Actually, I'd rather be sewing or singing than doing anything else. 
I got my laptop up and working and thought maybe that would motivate me to get my posts entered in a more timely manner.

So, today I finished a quilt and bag for my newest grand niece born on March 9th, Rebekah Lynn (named after her momma). 

This fabric was a piece I received from Doris Golleher, my dear friend who now lives in Heaven!
It is such a cute lamb print that I knew it would be perfect for this precious Lamb!  I backed it in flannel.   It should provide lots of warmth in the Colorado cold winters.

The rest of my completes I will add on a more daily basis to get caught up.   (Hopefully!!)

Monday, January 13, 2020

Happy New Year!

I hope and pray you've all had a wonderful beginning of this new decade 2020.  It's hard to believe that I have lived thru half of the 1900's and am into twenty years of 2000.   Do you all remember Y2K?  Oh what a scare that was and look where we are now!

I have started off my New Year by accepting the scrap quilt challenge at Persimon Dreams   It is a year long challenge so plenty of time to get 'er done!

January's block is the easy 9 patch block.   I jumped in and grabbed my charm square scraps and pulled out browns and creams.   Now, I am not a brown person but I have so many charms in those colors that it was a quick pick and since I will be donating this quilt to Mercy Hospital in California, it will make a really nice quilt for a man. 

On Friday, it took me about 3 hours to make all the blocks and then I decided I needed to do some kind of disappearing 9 patch pattern with them.   Searching thru the internet, I found 2 that were different than the ones you normally see.    Here is what I began with.

After cutting them as per the directions and resewing them together, this is how it looks.
I am very pleased and finished 4 of the blocks yesterday.   I hope to finish the rest today.   Yes, yes I know - its a year long challenge but getting the top assembled is satisfying and then I have the rest of the year to get it quilted and bound. 

What a great way to start of the New Year!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

This old quilt!

This gorgeous blue Quilt is gracing my bed.  I made it 18 years ago for my parents. They had a Murphy Bed in the apartment inside their shop/metal building and needed one that didn't hang down on the sides.  Their Murphy bed was king size so the quilt was long for that.  Now on my bed this beauty is sideways.  It is not quite long enough to completely hide my electric blanket but that's ok.  I just love this!

This week I put together the disappearing 9 patch block from @thecraftyquilter.  ( She held a QAL that I couldn't resist.  It would have made a really nice queen size Quilt but I chose to make it into 2 lap quilts.  I always have such a need for lapquilts and my supply is very low.   They are my very favorite color combination - blue and purple.  Paired with a white background, it just pops.

Besides making these this week, I've completed 6 couch caddy's for the NP Comforts group.  We need 250 by Christmas to give to the Meals on Wheels recipients in our area.

I'm hoping to get to Quilt a couple tops this week.  I better hurry!  The week is zooming by!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Good Morning Friends!

Its a beautiful day full of sunshine!  I'm posting from sunny Denver, here visiting with my sisters.  Mom and I drove here to celebrate her 93rd birthday with family and friends.  It's been just wonderful!
I'd like to share a few things I finished for the month of May.

This is a Baby Quilt I made for my niece whose baby is due any day!  The back is below.  I love this quilting pattern. 

Up next are 2 essential oil bags I made and added to my etsy shop.  They are the perfect size and hold 10 or more bottles


Up next is a pincushion I made from selvage edges.  I LOVE selvedges!   Someday I am going to make a quilt using them.  This also is listed in my etsy shop!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Almost 3 years

So much has happened since my last post.   I can hardly believe it's been almost 3 years!   Biggest change is losing my hubby a year ago.    It was a hard time but many lessons were learned and so many good memories were created during that time.  I truly wish I had written them down, kept a record to be able to go back and remember it all.  But, sadly, I did not.   My time was needed in the present.  I have no regrets and I know I will see Denny again!   
In this last year I have been extremely busy with quilting and reshaping my life.  I think it's time to share again.   
I'll be back tomorrow.   See you then.  
Make some glorious moments today!