Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hugs and Kisses

Woke up today around 5am with the picture of a hugs and kisses quilt in my head.   I have no idea why except maybe because I promised myself to start using my charm squares and strip sets.   Hmmmm.

Since sleep was eluding me, I got up and found two charm packs, each containing 15 pieces, and another charm pack that I pulled out 6 more.   I had already figured in my head that I would need 9 finished squares, each square using four charms and two 2.5" squares for the corners.   Pulled some ivory fabric out of the stash, cut 72 2.5" squares and marked them in half with one of those Pilot Fusion Pens.   I LOVE those things!  They mark the fabric so easily and then when you iron, the color just disappears!  LOVE it!

Anyway, I then spent an hour sewing each square to two opposite corners of the charms, pressing and trimming the corners.   Then I put them on a fake design wall (just a flannel backed tablecoth tacked up on my hallway wall) and arranged them.   I rolled up the tablecloth and brought it into my studio and layed it across my longarm.   Here is where the pictures begin.   duh..

 The top row shows how I pinned them on to move them into the studio and then I began sewing the rows together.
 Then I put them all together with some matching strips for the outside border and I think it makes a really cute little baby quilt!

What do you think?


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