Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quilt Label

Yesterday, a good friend of mine called to see if I could embroider a quilt label for her for the Trinity Valley Quilters Guild donation quilt.   Heck, I've done hundreds of quilt labels so I said yes.   Well, this was like no other quilt label I'd ever done.

When we met up, she brought me an appliqued block to put the label on.   I got a little nervous about that because I would hate to ruin the lovely applique.  Usually I just embroider out a square, with or without a coordinating design, and all the quilt information.   She just looked at me and said "you can do it!"    This is the result and she was right, I could do it!

If the quilt is anything like this label, I sure hope they raise a lot of money with it!

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