Monday, November 11, 2013

Found - Lost Blocks

After a 3 day search, a night dreaming about them, I finally found my blocks!   I knew I had made these blocks but could not find where I put them.   I even finagled a piece of purple fabric from my friend Peggy, to use as a border for the quilt and then began to wonder, "did I dream I made the quilt?"   Nope, no dreaming here.   They are found and ready to be assembled.   You can find the tutorial for them here
They are call Coin quilt with Pizazz! by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.   I had a jelly roll just waiting to happen when I saw this tutorial.   I'll post more when I get the quilt put together.

After that I began my embroidery project of the week(s).   My BIL is part of a new men's barbershop chorus in Denver called the Colorado Chord Company and he asked if I would be willing to embroider some shirts for them.  They ordered the shirts, had them shipped directly to me and today was my day to start.
Should be about a week long project.
Tomorrow our temperature is to drop below freezing - quite a change from today's 72* gorgeous weather.  I will be covering my tomato and cucumber plants tomorrow.   They are full of tomatoes and new cukes.  Hopefully they will survive and continue to produce into December.  We'll see.

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