Sunday, November 10, 2013


My good friend and mentor, Doris, entered a quilt in the FBC Crowley Quilt Show this weekend.  She told me to enter a quilt too.   "What quilt?" I asked.  "All mine go out the door as soon as they are finished"  But then she reminded me of the disappearing 4 patch baby quilt I made and intended to sell on Etsy.   So, at her insistence, I entered the quilt.  When I went to the show yesterday afternoon I came upon my little quilt - with a ribbon hanging on it, no less.   I was shocked - in fact I am still in a state of shock.   Granted, it was 3rd place but, wow!  A ribbon!  
You know what the best part was?   The judge leaves a sheet inside the entry form with her critiques and praises.  I got 3 praises!   And 2 things to do better the next time.   I mean, there are lots of things to do better but she was kind and just marked 2.    Who knew you were supposed to stitch your binding mitered corners closed?   And that a straight seam should remain straight after quilting?   I mean, who knew?   LOL
It was quite an eye opening lesson.   I think I might try it again and take to heart her suggestions.  But for now, I am just sew thrilled and sitting on a cloud!  I don't think I will sell that little quilt after all.  It's going to have a special place on the wall - with ribbon attached!   A reminder that you're never too old to learn!

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