Sunday, November 17, 2013

What a Busy Weekend

Yes, I know the weekend is almost over, and I am tired. . . . .but I am also so excited!  I spent most of yesterday morning with my NP Comforts groups gettting the 170 placemats rolled and tied with ribbon and a card for the Meals on Wheels recipients of my county, all ready for Christmas distribution.   It was a big effort made possible by the many volunteers in our group.   It was so worth it.  Then I came home and quilted this little beauty.

I love the colors in this lap quilt (or baby quilt).   The fabric was just sew pretty that I let it speak for itself.   I used my AccuQuilt GO Fabric Cutter and cut out the flowers for interest and raw edge appliqued them to the quilt corners.  Tonight, I attached the binding and will hand sew it down this week.  Then I will list this in my Etsy shop.
After that I began quilting Deena's quilt for her son.   Deena is my friend, Doris', neighbor who turns out hundreds of crumb catchers (adult bibs) for our NPC group each year.   She has never asked for anything except fabric donations.   I gave her a bunch of fabric from my shop that did not appeal to me, including panels, pillow panels, aprons, and vests.   She was floored to say the least.   I did not give it to her to make bibs but to do with as she wanted to.   I know she makes lots of things to put in a bazaar and thought she could maybe use the fabric.   Well, this quilt is one of the pillow panels I gave her.   She pieced it to make it bigger and this will be a quilt for her son for Christmas.  
I will take another picture of the whole thing when I am finished quilting it.   It's really quite pretty if you like western things.   
This week I will finish putting the binding on the teal quilt and on Doris' quilt.  Then I will quilt one for my friend at church and one for my neighbor.   That is all the quilting I will have time for before Christmas.   Whew!   Soon it will be Christmas Day!

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