Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting Caught Up

This week took off fast and furious! I knew I had a ton of things to get done but my hand was killing me. I have some arthritis in my thumb so when I do too much quilting or hand sewing, or even using the rotary cutter, my thumb gets inflamed and the pain begins. Still, there are deadlines, ya know? Sunday I have a baby shower to go to and so I had to finish this baby quilt - all done now except for sewing on the label. I must admit I sewed the binding on by machine, both sides, not something I usually do. I enjoy hand sewing the binding on but my hand would not allow it. I think it turned out really nice anyway.

Next I had to finish up my Tea Cup Blocks for a monthly swap I am in. I just love these teacups and have posted them before, but this month, and because fall is right here and now, I used this luscious fabric for the cups. Aren't they pretty?
Tomorrow brings me to a special birthday celebration for my Grandson, Riley, who turned 16 on the 18th and my Granddaughter, Macey, who will be 10 on Halloween. Macey had requested I make her a zipper bag so I made this one and plan to fill it full with little surprises meant just for her.

And that concludes this week of sewing. Well, not quite. I finished some coasters to send to my mom to crochet but I will post a picture of those when I get them back. My weekend will be full of sew much fun!

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