Sunday, October 20, 2013

My sister's Surprise Quilt

Well, it was a successful surprise!  We flew to Denver for a visit with my mom.  The weather was fabulous and perfect to get the fall spirits going!   My daughter and her 5 month old baby boy came with us- had his first airplane ride and did great.   No crying or anything.   I'm sure the other passengers were grateful for that too!  LOL  
I brought my older sister's surprise quilt for her birthday.   She and her husband were out of town at a BHS (barbershop harmony society) competition.    They left a couple hours before we landed in Denver and got home a couple hours after we left for Texas.   That was a bummer as I would have liked to see them both.   This is what I left on her bed!

I found the original pattern/tutorial for this block here.  It is a great tutorial.   I just kind of made up my borders as I went.   I would do them a bit differently if I make this again but all in all, it is a beautiful quilt.   She was so surprised to come home and find this on her bed.   Red is definitely her favorite color!   
I also included a box of color catchers just in case!!!!

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