Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quilting Time!

I worked on my friends quilt last night and managed to get it completed.   I had upgraded my computer program and was trying to find the easy way to get the pattern to fit in the space needed.   Well, I had mostly success with just a bit of operator error.  LOL
When I upgraded the system, the program did not keep  all of my previous settings.   So, it was sewing soooo slow and I just couldn't figure out what was going on.   I sent a text mail to Jennifer at Quilting Solutions and she explained the problem to me.   I was dumbfounded that I didn't catch that myself.   Oh well.   If you are ever interested in an affordable longarm machine and computer program, I highly recommend the  Homesteader !  
Anyway, here are my new pics.  

A few weeks ago I bought a book called French Braid Quilts and tonight I tried piecing from a jelly roll and some solid brown fabric.   Isn't this just a pretty pattern?   I have 5 more sections to do from this Moda jelly roll.   I LOVE it!
I'm off to bed.   I really need my beauty sleep.  Keep sewing! 

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    I wasn't able to respond to your comment on my blog, because you are a "No Reply" blogger. I've moved my Dresden Plate Background templates over to Craftsy and made them a free download in my shop. Thanks so much for alerting me to the issues with Scribd. You can find the templates here:
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    Thanks again for letting me know!