Thursday, March 14, 2013

Soo busy!

It has been a long time but I really have been busy, honest!   Just limited computer time so I am trying out my I Pad and hoping it works!

Last night, as I was attempting to empty some more totes and put away/organize my studio (this has so far been a six month project but I am 2/3rds done!) I came across what I call a treasure trove tote.   Oh my goodness,  I could not believe my eyes!   Here is what I first saw.

Inside this tote was this stack of charms.  See them?   Right under the package of off white fabric?  When I took them out I found a dark and a light had been sewn together.  

 I almost cried with happiness, grabbed them, sat down and began sewing them together in rows.  I could see the scrappy little quilt form in my mind..

Can you see it too?
Oh this little baby is a keeper!  I have four extra rows of eight that I am going to work into the quilt backing!   Thanks for stopping by!
ps.  I couldn't get this to publish on my IPad so I borrowed the puter and posted it here.   I will try to do more later!

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